(3) Performances: Upcoming & Pervious


A. Upcoming Dates:

1. Please join us for the festivities at Amanda’s Hide-A-Way New Years Eve, doors open at 9pm. Of the TransEntertainers.com, there will be Trans Fran Sisco, The Legendary Amaz’n Grace and Clover Welsh (Lady Clover Honey) live singing 3 songs and dancing it up! Don’t miss out on this lively party! If you have any questions, please contact me via Facebook messenger (Francis Sisco) or via email to Francis Sisco@aol.com with your cell number and I will call you. xoxo Fran Sisco (Kelly Sisco will be us too!) 2. I will be performing 8-minute comedy set about funny situations in my life as a transgender woman, on Saturday, 12/3/16 – 6pm show (seating starts at 5pm) at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club on First Avenue and 60th Street in NYC, along with over 12 other comedians. Please bring friends and pass along the flyer copied below that has details. Only $15 cover with 2-item minimum. Please call me at 914.589.1013 to make reservations. Come have guaranteed fun!


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Vanity/Comedy Alert! – Come celebrate my birthday at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club on Thursday, 4/27/17 at the 8pm show. Seating starts at 7pm, so please come early to get good seats! For my birthday (actually on 4/26) I am doing the following:
(1) buying a big cake to give out pieces to the 80 or so people in the room
(2) come up on stage and tell the audience your best mostly-clean joke, using 30 seconds of my 8 minute set (If the applause is great then you get to take home the rest of the cake) and
(3) reimbursing you for the $15 cover charge for singing the best Happy Birthday song.
Over 10 other comedians and hilarious host Bob DiBuono will be there for a guaranteed fun time! Please call Fran Sisco at 914.589.1013 to reserve your spot (don’t call the club!). Cover charge only $15 (cash only) plus 2-item minimum for reasonably-priced food and drinks (credit cards too).

Birthday 2017 Comedy Show - Flyer

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Dangerfield's 3:23:17

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B. Previous Dates: 

  1. Saturday 9/24/16 at 8pm to 2am – Performance and making the video of “Being a Trans Girl” at Trevi Lounge (Fairfield, CT). See facebook event posting. (Singing by Regina Elizabeth King, with choruses by Fran Sisco and several trans girls)

2. Thursday 10/20/16 – 7pm doors open, 8pm show starts – Fran Sisco performs stand-up comedy (8 minute set) with about 7 other comedians at the famous Dangerfield’s Comedy Club.

Dangerfield’s Comedy Club Address: 1118 1st Avenue, NY, NY 10065

3. Showing of Original Movie (Music Video) 

Sunday 10/23/16 – 3:30pm YofiFest (Yonkers Film Festival) www. yofifest.com

Location: 66 Main Street, Yonkers, NY

Come see the movie I made of the song “Being a Trans Girl” that is a transformative, positive parody written by Fran Sisco using the music of “La Vie En Rose” 

Yonkers Film Festival-Flyer.png

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